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    DAILIZI International Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is a set design, production, export trade, domestic sales of integrated operation of large underwear apparel companies. The company established two R & D centers are located in the focal point of information both in Hong Kong and China underwear town Xiaolan. The company has advanced garment production equipment, the introduction of United States imports of PGM brand the CAD grading and proofing tailoring system with computer production management software to maintain a growth rate of more than 80% of annual production. The product line covers a tracksuit, underwear, underwear, three series of nearly a thousand new varieties each year, and sales network throughout the country and exported to more than twenty countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. In order to better meet the growing consumer demand for quality, we work closely with DuPont, Austria Lenzing company has a reputation in the domestic market, they provide the raw material Lycra Modal, TENCEL new fabric products.


    The company’s brand has home service of DAILIZI, men underwear of SENTOR, men underwear of SHENTEREN, EVEline women’s panties, WELLIE men’s underwear. Underwear fashion advocate, inclusive, healthy new life and culture, and strive each series, each style are comfortable and healthy and classic fashion the perfect combination of its innovative fabrics, unique and innovative design of the personality, unique in the underwear industry, won the domestic the outside many customers each consumer recognition and affection.


    "DAILIZI" for the concept of "quality of life wearing casual dress perfect interpretation of Liz, absorbing Europeans, especially French elegance, romantic and full taste of home lifestyle into a product design concept being, people eager to love, care, relax and enjoy the lifestyle the perfect be the performance and interpretation, presented to the modern city is a "stylish, comfortable, warm, elegant," European home life feelings.


    SENTOR high-end men’s underwear has noble French descent, to fashion for the soul, freedom as a selling point, and each design aspects inject originality and emphasis on individuality, to show the French style of creative and unique alternative. Is committed to provide a more comfortable, more stylish way of life for everyone who loves the taste of advocating lifestyle men. SENTOR pure business classic and fashion elements combined, using the latest international fashion comfortable fabric draping, highlighting the elegant man, self-confidence, the perfect image of the successful. SENTOR is the wise choice of successful men! SENTOR brand value is to give men the plug in a pair of wings to fly, to realize a dream.